OnSite prototype nr. 20 at Design City, by MUDAM, Luxembourg.

OnSite Studio will present a series of temporary benches at Design City.

Design City Luxembourg – Edition 0 by Mudam is the essential “design” event in Luxembourg and in the Region. Organised by Mudam in collaboration with the City of Luxembourg, this new event – hence the 0 edition – offers a six-week series of events in honor of industrial and urban design, in different parts of the City of Luxembourg.

Other than setting up these events, the aim of Design City Luxembourg is the long-term integration of design as a philosophy of life (and of the city) where design professionals can translate the needs of citizens and merchants. Thus, aspiring to become a “city of design”, means above all being concerned with the well-being of its inhabitants and acting in favour of their quality of life.

The lost files …

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