This website joins the presentation of OnSite Studio and Sebastien Wierinck WorkShop. Both  activities are run by Belgian designer Sebastien Wierinck and are located in Marseille, FR.


About Sebastien Wierinck WorkShop 

Created in 2008, Sebastien Wierinck Workshop (SWWS) aims to develop concepts, strategies and solutions for the creation and production of objects and spaces. Currently based in Marseille, it combines product development and production activities in a single creative process.

Alongside the OnSite projects, SWWS aims to explore contemporary formal languages following a few simple principles: working on global projects or variable systems rather than single formal propositions; experimenting with digital tools both for design and production processes; and working at multiple scales – from the domestic to the monumental.

Current works include the Panels and Benchmark series.


 About OnSite Studio

The OnSite  project started in 2002 with the “First Prototype for programmatic urban furniture, OnSite nr. 01 ” in Brussels (Belgium). It now includes an ever-expanding range of  projects: public furniture objects, temporary installations and interior design projects are exploring the different scales and typologies of contemporary furniture design.

Each OnSite project is a response to a public space – whether an art gallery, a festival bar, a building’s reception hall or more recently a city square, with the Benchmark series commissioned for Spuiplein by the city of The Hague (The Netherlands).

OnSite pieces have been created for arts centre Le Palais de Tokyo and Le Centquatre in Paris (France), Into Art&Furniture gallery in Berlin (Germany), the restaurant of the Strelka Institute for media, architecture and design in Moscow (Russia), the Bed Supperclub in Bangkok (Thailand). Projects were commissioned by Vodafone, Honda, Ferrari World Abu Dhaby alongside smaller projects or collaborations.




Sebastien Wierinck was born in 1975 in Kortrijk (Belgium), and studied interior and furniture design from Sint-Lukas University College of Art and Design in Brussels.

Wierinck’s practice spans across art, design and architecture. His first professional experiences were in artists’ studios and architectural practices, before he set up his own design studio in 2002.

From public benches to café seating to temporary installations, his pieces always challenge the way people view and interact with environmental space. Wierinck applies the architectural notion of programming to the creation of objects for public spaces: the form of each piece is a result of its function and relationship to its environment. This ongoing dialogue feeds into both the design and production processes.

In 2002, he launched OnSite – a series of site-specific objects made from flexible polyethylene tubes. The pieces combine computer-assisted design technology with post-industrial craftsmanship, the plasticity of urban building materials with organic shapes and fluid movement.

In 2008, Wierinck founded Sebastien Wierinck Workshop (SWWS) to provide a platform for OnSite and other design projects like Benchmark and Panels.

Sebastien Wierinck lives and works in Marseille, France. In 2005 he represented Marseille in the Design category at the Naples Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.

” Sebastien Wierinck doesn’t shy from paradox. His creations borrow from urban networks: the image of the labyrinth, the transmission of information, the mix of fluid and subterranean, of organic and robotic, the pure cinematographic vision of a sprawling matrix. It captures movement – or pulse – while remaining a segment, interrupted mid-air: a bare slice of the unfinished.”

Sarah Carrière-Chardon, Curator

Sebastien Wierinck,



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