BenchMark model B. at Spuiplein, The Hague-NL.



The BenchMark_B project is part of a public commission for the Municipality of The Hague in the Netherlands to design and produce a series of 3 'functional sculptures' in the context of the cities application to become Cultural European Capital in 2018.

The BenchMark project is located on the Spuiplein, a central public place surrounded by different public institutions, including the City hall of the Hague, the Public Library, the Dr Anton Phillipszaal and the Lucent Danstheater. Each one of the tree objects is related to an existing institution as an input to their functional programmation and public activity. The BenchMarks_B model is related to the City hall of the Hague and activates by its form a public crosspoint, representing the cities active relationship with its citizens. In this case, 360 meter of 1 inch stainless tubes are bend by an up to date CNC freeform bending technique. The tubes are then secondly welded on an laser-cut stainless steel framework and divided into 6 segments to be easily transported, assembled and dissembled when needed.

Location  The Hague
Client  The Hague Municipality
Materials  Stainless steel: 8 mm lazer-cut stainless steel framework covered by 33 x 1.5 mm freeform bended tubes
Measurements  6230 x 2725 x (h) 910 mm

Production  SWWS, team: Sabine Kruk & Remy Rivoire
Design  Sebastien Wierinck. Digital geometrical engeneering by Tom Pawlofsky
Pictures  Sebastien Normand - Sebastien Wierinck


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